Simultaneous and consecutive interpreter, more than 10 years of experience

Brief about myself: I’ve been working as a translator/interpreter for over 10 years now. My working experience includes simultaneous and written translations all over the world: California and New York, USA; Paris, Germany in Europe; Southeast Asia – Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam; China, Russia, Uzbekistan.

As a simultaneous interpreter I have extraordinary listening abilities, excellent public speaking skills and intellectual capacity to translate idioms, colloquialisms and other cultural-specific references into analogous statements. Also, I have an ability to grasp the content of what was being said, and then paraphrase my understanding of the meaning. I use the tools of the target language; therefore, all negotiations are much easier with me than with any other translator.

Experienced in the following topics:

Business and finance (including translations for diplomats and government officials)

Economics and management (translations for PricewaterhouseCoopers, Credit Suisse, UBS, Standard Chartered Bank, OCBC Bank)

Industry and technology (translations for Shell, Total, Aramco, including IP protection contracts, crude oil and biodiesel, crude oil refining, commodities trading)

Automotive industry (translations for Inchcape Russia, Mansons India)

Legal (Small Claims Tribunal Singapore, ASTaR, Ministry of Manpower, PWC, TSMP Law Corporation Singapore, including oral translations of the agreements from the list)

Science (medicine, physics, chemistry, environment and ecology)


Entertainment industry (Sony Music USA, Voice of America radio, Bolshoi Theatre, Variety Magazine USA)

Social science

Consecutive Translator, 2 years of experience (English, French, Russian, Vietnamese)

Industry and technology (L’Oreal, Francia Beauty, Tax Free World Exibition Cannes, Cosmoprof Hong Kong, Cosmoprof Bologna), Entertainment industry (Vietnam International Fashion Week), International performing arts festivals

Elena G
Consecutive Translator, 8 years of experience (English<>Russian)

Business and finance, economics and management, Industry and technology (crude oil and biodiesel, crude oil refining, Arizone Company), Legal (translations of the agreements), IT (Motiv Telecom), Entertainment industry (Nashestvie rock music festival, Multimedia Holding, Voice of America radio, Moscow International performing arts center/Madame Butterfly opera production), Social science

Consecutive Translator, 5 years of experience (English<>Vietnamese)

Bachelor of Business, Advertising major from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Business and finance (New Zealand school events), economics and management (Mandarin School for foreigners in China)Industry and technology (Asian European Production Commerce & Service Co. Ltd), Legal (translations of the agreements), IT (Viettel Telecom), Entertainment industry , Social science

Elena P
Simultaneous and consecutive interpreter, more than 18 years of experience

Medicine and Pharmaceutical industry

Astra Zeneca, Alcon Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, USB Pharma, BMS, GSK, Pfizer, MSD, Alexion, Eisai, Danone (Nutricia)

Legal, Business and finance Baker & McKenzie, Moscow

Industry and technology WHO (TB, tobacco control, Climate change. Polio vaccination and others

US Embassy

Economics and management US Treasury Technical Assistance Program in the areas of tax legislation, banking reform, draft budget code, establishment of the RF federal treasury, installation of the government financial audit (RF Chamber of Accounts)

Business and finance European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, Turn Around Management (TAM) Program for large Russian enterprises: “Energomash”, ZIL Automaker, Kamaz Truck Manufacturer and Magnitogorsk Steel Works

 Social science TACIC group on social reforms 


Julia D
Consecutive interpreter, more than 8 years of experience
(English<>Chinese) (Russian<>Chinese)

Business and finance, Industry and technology, Economics and management, Business and finance, Social science, IT


翻译主题:– 商业与金融 – 经济与管理 – 工业和技术 – 汽车行业 – 法理学 – 科学 – 娱乐业 – 社会科学

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